Board of Supervisors Duties

The Board of Supervisors is composed of five members, elected by districts, with each serving a four year term. Any vacancy occurring in the Board in the interim between elections is filled by appointment by a committee of the County Auditor, Treasurer and Recorder.

The Board is the legislative body of the county and is empowered to:

  • Approve compensation for county employees other than elected officials and, subject to the limitations imposed by the Compensation Board, approve compensation for elected officials.
  • Approve budget proposals of county offices and levy property taxes to raise revenues.
  • Approve applications for beer, liquor and cigarette sales permits for establishments in the unincorporated areas of the county.
  • Approve homestead tax credit applications and military service tax credit applications.
  • Make appointments to non-elective county offices.
  • Make appointments to county board and commissions.
  • Make official canvass of votes cast in the County for elections.
  • Fill vacancies in elective county offices occurring in the interim between elections except vacancies occurring on the Board of Supervisors.
  • Allow claims against the county and order payment of those claims.
  • Enter into contracts in the name of the County for the purchase, sale or lease of property, including real estate, and for the purchase of services.
  • Require reports of county officers on subjects corresponding with the duties of their officers.
  • Manage all county buildings and grounds.
  • Supervise construction and maintenance of the secondary roads system.